🙂    Happy (Bucuros)
:-))    Very Happy (Foarte bucuros)
🙁    Sad (Trist)
😉    Winking (A face cu ochiul)
:-*    Kiss (Sarut)
:-0    Surprised (Surprins)
:[email protected]    Screaming (A tipa)
:-I    Indifferent (Indiferent)
:-e    Disappointed (Dezamagit)
:-II    Angry (Suparat)
>:-<    Mad (Furios)
%-)    Confused (Confuz)
😀     Laughing (A rade)
:’-(    Crying (A plange)

AFAIK: As Far As I Know (Dupa cate stiu eu)
AFK: Away From Keyboard (Departe de tastatura)
BCNU: Be Seeing You (La revedere)
BRB: Be Right Back (Ma intorc imediat)
BFN: Bye For Now (La revedere pentru moment)
BTW: By the Way (Apropo)
CUL/CUL8R: See You Later (Ne vedem mai tarziu)
FAQ: Frequently Asked Question (Intrebari frecvente)
G: Grin (Ranjet)
HTH: Hope This Helps (Sper sa te ajute)
IJWTK: I Just Want To Know (Vreau doar sa stiu)
IJWTS: I Just Want To Say (Vreau doar sa spun)
IMO: In My Opinion (Dupa parerea mea)
IMHO: In My Humble Opinion (Dupa umila mea parere)
LOL: Laughing Out Loud (A rade in hohote)
MORF?: Male or Female? (Barbat sau femeie?)
OAO: Over and Out (Am terminat, ma deconectez)
OIC: Oh I See (Da, inteleg)
OTOH: On The Other Hand (Pe de alta parte)
ROTFL: Rolling on the Floor Laughing (Ma tavalesc de ras)
RUOK?: Are You OK? (Esti in regula?)
TIA: Thanks In Advance (Multumesc anticipat)
TNX: Thanks (Multumesc)