When: October 2017
Where: ASE Bucharest, within the Faculty of International Business and
Economics Who can participate: All the Faculty graduates, working in the
business field that want to improve their ability to deal with operational
crisis in their day to day business activities

The program means 20 hours of theoretical and practical teaching and
presents the post-graduate students useful examples and case studies from
the real business. The program is organized by ASE in collaboration with
partners from the business field specialized on marketing, logistic and
operational fields. It is a unique program both as information and from the
way it was made, bringing together forces from the academic and the business
fields, with the key objective to create and offer to the post-graduate
students a unique product. The program is the result of a great synergy
between many key partners that made it real. Combining the theoretical with
the practical parts it really brings added value to both postgraduate
students and the university.